Alzheimer’s Linked to Pineal Gland Calcification from Fluoride : Natural Society

Alzheimer’s disease is running rampant throughout the modern world now, but even with pharmaceutical companies spending billions on drugs to ‘cure’ it, they have failed miserably. While the use of coconut oil for Alzheimer’s disease is proving beyond beneficial, the answer to really treating this disease may lie in the pineal gland and the decalcification of one of the most important elements of the endocrine system.

For the past few decades, research into treating Alzheimer’s disease has been relegated to an assumption: that it is caused by the lack of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. In fact, most pharmaceuticals made to treat Alzheimer’s patients are acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (drugs that inhibit the enzyme that breaks this neurotransmitter down.)

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Alzheimer’s Linked to Pineal Gland Calcification from Fluoride : Natural Society.

10 Ways To Create Contagious Content for Your Social Media Marketing – Prismatic

Do you want to create posts that people can’t but share?

Do want to maximize the social media ROI for your posts and stand out among the sea of content being churned out every day?

Creating shareable content boils down to understanding the mind of your audience. You can then understand exactly what makes them tick…or not.

What elements cause them to share?

The better understanding you have of the mind of your audience, the more effectively you’ll be able to create shareable content.

It’s important to remember that there is still a person behind that computer. Understand how they think, and you can fine-tune your content so that it gets shared more frequently.

In this article, you’ll learn the science behind what makes people share. You’ll discover 10 ways to create content that your fans can’t wait to discuss and share.

I have also included advanced tactics as a bonus, so be sure to read all the way to the end to get your copy.

First, let’s examine why people share content.


10 Ways To Create Contagious Content for Your Social Media Marketing – Prismatic.

Why We Should Embrace Genetic Screening To Enhance IQ – Business Insider

There could be a way of predicting — and preventing — which children will go on to have low intelligence, according to the findings of a study researchers at Cardiff University presented on Monday.

They discovered that children with two copies of a common gene (Thr92Ala), together with low levels of thyroid hormone are four times more likely to have a low IQ. This combination occurs in about 4% of the UK population.

Importantly, if you had just one of these factors, but not both, there did not appear to be an increased risk of low intelligence. These are early results, but suggest that it might be possible to treat children early with thyroid hormone supplementation to enhance their intelligence. This raises many ethical issues.

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Why We Should Embrace Genetic Screening To Enhance IQ – Business Insider.

Super-Cheap Genome Sequencing By 2020 – Business Insider

We don’t traditionally think of flushing the toilet as an action that costs money. But actually the cost of a flush comes in at about 1 cent. Imagine if sequencing a genome was that easy and cheap? Soon, that could be a reality, according to a leading genome researcher. He predicts we will be sequencing genomes for pennies as soon as 2020.

And when genomes are that cheap to come by, the information they provide will completely revolutionize medicine as we know it.

You’ll be able to monitor your health, discover diseases like cancer before they became obvious, and profile your microbiome — all the microorganisms that call your body home. That will allow you to catch potential health problems much earlier than is possible right now and even before symptoms show.

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Super-Cheap Genome Sequencing By 2020 – Business Insider.

Superintelligent Humans With IQ Of 1000 – Business Insider

Genetically engineered human beings could have IQs of 1000 or higher. At least that’s the theory from scientist Stephen Hsu.

Hsu is something of a scientific polymath, who has done work pertaining to quantum physics, dark energy, finance, and information security, as well as genomics and bioinformatics, or the application of computer science and statistics to biological data. He officially holds the title of Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies at Michigan State, where he is also a professor of Theoretical Physics.

He thinks that by tweaking our genomes we could make humans drastically smarter. Hsu makes his case in Nautilus — and the implications are as tantalizing as they are terrifying. He’s also published the theory in more detail at ArXiv, though it wasn’t peer-reviewed.

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Superintelligent Humans With IQ Of 1000 – Business Insider.

See-through, one-atom-thick, carbon electrodes powerful tool to study brain disorders

Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine and School of Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have used graphene—a two-dimensional form of carbon only one atom thick—to fabricate a new type of microelectrode that solves a major problem for investigators looking to understand the intricate circuitry of the brain.

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See-through, one-atom-thick, carbon electrodes powerful tool to study brain disorders.

Cancer pill fights disease and gives lifelong protection – Telegraph

A pill which boosts the body’s natural defences could help fight off all cancers and stop them ever returning, scientists believe.

‘Delta-inhibitors’ were already known to help leukaemia patients, but researchers were amazed to find they also work on a whole range of other cancers.

The drugs, which are taken orally as a pill, were so successful in leukaemia trials that the control group, who were taking placebos, were immediately switched to the medication on ethical grounds.

Now, scientists at UCL and the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, have discovered that the same ‘delta inhibitors’ are also effective against lung, pancreatic, skin and breast cancers, and probably many more.

Cancer suppresses the immune system by producing an enzyme called ‘p100delta’ which tells it to power down, making it difficult for the body to fight the disease. The drugs ‘inhibit’ that enzyme, allowing the immune system to attack tumour cells.


Cancer pill fights disease and gives lifelong protection – Telegraph.

Apple and sapphire producer GT Advanced Technologies officially part ways

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Originally posted on Gigaom:

After a multi-million dollar deal to produce sapphire crystal only for Apple, GT Advanced Technologies (GTA) can do business with anyone it wants. Unfortunately, that’s because the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month and Apple is releasing it from its exclusivity obligations, reports Reuters.

sapphire glass screenshot

The two companies have reached a settlement that will allow [company]Apple[/company] to recoup $439 million that it prepaid to GTA. In a statement, GTA said it has four years to repay Apple, and can do so without interest. The company will shift from sapphire crystal production to “refocus its business as an equipment supplier, manufacturing and developing sapphire growth systems and processes.”

For Apple, this is a rare, but very public, supplier issue. Apple has long been considered a company that is masterful at supply chain strategies. The initial deal with GTA looked no different at first — another relationship with a producer…

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