From Steve Jobs costumes to Batman: What the launch of the iPhone 6 looked like worldwide

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During an Apple product launch, you can expect two things: insanely long lines and then photos of jubilation as the first people emerge with the cradle of civilization — err, an iPhone — wrapped neatly in a white box and tucked in a white drawstring bag. People go to desperate lengths to become the first in line and get that prized image; one guy even flew from California to Australia to be the first person in the world to receive an iPhone 6.

We assembled a montage of the best scenes from around the globe, which featured appearances from a costumed Steve Jobs to the actual Tom Cook.

From Apple’s home base in Palo Alto:

Patrick Tuntland holds up his new iPhone 6 as he leaves an Apple Store in Palo Alto, California.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Patrick Tuntland holds up his new iPhone 6 as he leaves an Apple Store in Palo Alto, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Tim Cook made an appearance:
Apple CEO Tim Cook (L) cheers with Apple Store employees before opening the store to sell the new iPhone 6 in Palo Alto, California.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Apple CEO Tim Cook (L) cheers with…

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Weekend Edition – Life Without Regrets plus Writing Tips and Good Reads

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Dan’s right. It is later than you think.

paris clockDo you ever feel like the Universe is conspiring to send you a message? I do. All the time.

This week, the theme was “Life is Short.”

I began the week with a little getaway that was inspired by the truth of life’s brevity. Along with my beau and my daughter, I headed north to the elegant and enchanting Mount Washington Hotel – an idyllic, turn of the century hideaway in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Knowing how quickly the next few years will pass (and how, soon, my daughter may be less inclined to spend quality time with her dear mother), I took my fifth grader out of school for the three days so we could revel in the delights of slightly forbidden joys. We went on a horseback ride, hiked to a waterfall, and she and my beau spent hours performing…

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How iOS 8 can help you take control of your iPhone’s battery life

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The initial adoption rate of iOS 8 is lower compared to the releases of iOS 6 and 7 in prior years, according to sites like Chitika and Tapjoy. One reason for this may be due to some of the battery issues early adopters of iOS 7 experienced this time last year. For many this continued to be an issue up until the release of iOS 7.1.1. Waiting to see what issues other users are having before deciding to upgrade can be a smart thing to do.

Tapjoy iOS 8 Adoption Rate

There is, however, one new feature in iOS 8 that may actually solve any battery issues you have been having with iOS 7; iOS 8 can identify which apps are using up battery’s power the most.

Same power saving techniques as iOS 7

Maximizing your iOS device’s battery life has become an acquired skill that we have all had to learn…

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