'No problems - just projects!' By Jane Garber-Rosenzweig

Among people in my circles, this year has been filled with weddings, engagements and people finally meeting their ‘soul mate’, even when they have been married in the past. However, every relationship consists of two people working on it, contributing their share, whatever it may consist of, and wanting to continue having that special someone by their side. The romantic part of the relationship put aside, every relationship requires effort from both partners.

With age, experience, successful or failed relationships and marriages, other people stories and general observations, we evolve.  We learn life lessons and come to realise what we need from our significant other. We learn where we went wrong and what we should have done differently in the past. We also learn that as people mature and enter different life cycles, each person and their needs may change with time.  If both partners cannot embrace, accept or deal with the changed…

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