Top 10 Films – Nicolas Cage

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

The Rock Yep, Cage is pretty happy right here in his action flick The Rock

List compiled by Eddie on 30/01/2015

While there is little doubt about that fact that now days Nicolas Cage is very much an actor for hire (supposedly due to some outstanding taxes) there was a time when Cage was one of the biggest actors in the business, an Oscar winner that also garnered some huge box office receipts the world over and a performer at home in big budget action flicks as well as small scale comedies.

During the mid to late 90’s in particular Cage appeared in many hits that flowed into the new millennium and then plateaued in the late 2000’s. Many pundits predicted a renaissance of sorts when Cage almost stole the show in 2010 cult classic Kick-Ass but sadly that has yet to eventuate as anyone who may have seen Left Behind may attest…

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