Harry Potter – From Worst to Best

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

Hp - Chamber The crew grew up a little in the series second instalment, The Chamber of Secrets

List Compiled by Eddie on 27/02/2015

A series of arguably unmatched quality and spectacle, The Harry Potter series of films is the perfect moulding of text into big screen entertainment that provides for both young and old and features any vast array of elements from the magical, the mundane and the downright scary.

From the first’s films release in 2001 to the last hurrah in 2011, audiences were privy to a film series that grew in confidence over a decade, from the young actors growth as performers through the filmmakers looking at fresh and inventive ways to produce their films, to the extent that many of the latter movies received recognition in fields such as cinematography and production design and the last films placing the IMDB’s Top 250 Films of All Time.

The Harry Potter

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