10 Outstanding Directing Debuts: Eddie’s Take

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

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List compiled by Eddie on 27/03/2015

The directing debut can be a dangerous thing, make your film to good and you will always be judged on that (Richard Kelly a prime example here) but make your film in a forgettable way and you risk never being seen from again.

This below list represents films I believe are extraordinary for a first feature length film (beware that films made for TV are not counted, so someone like Frank Darabont is therefore allowed on this list) and when you delve into the archives of just what some of the world’s directors produced for their first product your jaw will often drop.

It’s heartening to see that many of these below filmmakers went on with the promise shown by their debuts and we will always have evidence that from the get go they had a knack in utilising the movie making medium in startling ways.

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