Classic Review – From Beyond (1986)

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

H. P. Lovecraft's From Beyond In not many movies do you get this…

From Beyond

Directed by Stuart Gordon

Starring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ted Sorel, Ken Foree

Review by Jordan

It’s been quite some time since I first watched Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator, but its fair to say that time has not dampened nor diluted my fondness for it. It was the 1985 debut of a director who would later garner the title of Master of Horror, and the first of his adaptations of stories by H. P. Lovecraft, mixing scientific terror with outlandish special effects and deliriously dark humor into a classic horror experience.

Gordon was quick to add Lovecraft’s name to the title, convinced that the great authors works would soon be brought to life on mass by other film makers. He was slightly off about that… and what struck a cord with audiences more was the uncovering of two…

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