The 4 Essences of Empathy


Cliff Central LPF.001Empathy can be confusing and it’s a big part of what we refer to as EQ or emotional intelligence. Here are a few ideas to help you become a little more empathetic. I call these the essences of empathy and I hope that it will assist us in understanding empathy a little better and hopefully help us all be a little more empathetic.

Life is about choices and empathy will only exist when we make the choice to be kind. Being kind rather than right, willing to understand the other persons point of view rather than our own – this is the beginning of empathy.

Appreciate people for who they really are – everybody is different and we need to accept that fact. The mediocrity of conformity no longer serves us and we cannot expect people to fit into our mould or the mould of the status quo. We need to…

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