Parenting: Finding the Balance of Grace Within Biblical Truths and Boundaries

Comfort at the Cross


Where is my parenting handbook?!  …Don’t we all find ourselves thinking this sometimes?  We are always looking for answers from an “expert” on how to better parent our children.  We want absolute answers on all of the difficult topics, that give us clear concise directions for how to handle certain problems. What we forget,sometimes, I think is that our kids are just people!

I have been reading “For the Children’s Sake” by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.  It covers Education based on principles from Charlotte Mason. She was a British Educator in the 1800’s.  Her teachings have really got me thinking lately.  The words she spoke were so simple yet so profound. When she stated that Children are born persons, it was like a light-bulb was suddenly switched on in my head.  Instead of focusing on just Homeschooling my children, my heart was drawn more towards parenting them.

I began to think…

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