Film Review – Palo Alto (2013)

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

Palo Alto - postTitle – Palo Alto (2013)

Director – Gia Coppola (feature debut)

Cast – Emma Roberts, Jack Kilmer, James Franco, Nat Wolff, Zoe Levin

Plot – A sprawling portrayal of disenfranchised youth growing up in the suburb of Palo Alto, these wonder souls include trouble maker Teddy (Kilmer) and confused soccer player April (Roberts).

 “I wish I didn’t care about anything. But I do care. I care about everything too much”

Review by Eddie on 17/08/2015

As aimless as the teens it portrays, Palo Alto see’s yet another Coppola enter into the movie making business, this time Gia, Francis’s (The Godfather) granddaughter and Sophia’s (Lost in Translation) niece who in adapting James Franco’s collection of short stories of the same name has created an at brief times realistic and insightful look into modern day teenage hood yet stumbles in actually saying anything of merit in a tale that starts depressing…

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