Film Review – Testament of Youth (2014)

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

Youth - post

Title – Testament of Youth (2014)

Director – James Kent (feature debut)

Cast – Alicia Vikander, Kit Harrington, Taron Egerton, Colin Morgan, Dominic West, Emily Watson, Miranda Richardson

Plot – An adaptation of Vera Brittain’s autobiography, this tale focuses on Vera (Vikander) and her time in World War 1 that saw her battle her own demons at home as her love Roland Leighton (Harrington) and beloved brother Edward (Egerton) fight in the fierce confines of occupied Europe.

 “What you have striven for will not end in nothing; all that you have done and been will not be wasted, for it will be a part of me as long as I live”

Review by Eddie on 3/09/2015

Told from the rarely seen or heard from perspective of a female in the times of war, U.K author Vera Brittain’s memoir Testament of Youth first published in 1933, has in the succeeding…

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