Alexa Ranking and Why It’s Important – Krohn Media  

Alexa rank is an important tool that provides many benefits to a website owner.

Alexa Ranking refers to the measurement and ranking of the popularity of a website. The number is based on the results of a direct comparison of your website with other websites.  It measures the number of total visitors and the pages viewed on every visit to the site.  Websites are ranked based on the browsing behavior of people in the Global Data panel, which acts as a sample of all Internet users.


Significantly Improve Your Web Site Page Speed – Steven Krohn

These are two free steps you can take to significantly reduce your page speed that most web site administrators neglect.

This article addresses two barely-technical free steps that can take a big chunk out of slow page load times, regardless of the web framework you’re using or the skill level of the site administrator: compressing images, and getting set up with an edge caching provider.

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