Using Social Media to Deal with Personal Tragedy

From May-September 2016, I battled cancer. The cancer had formed from prior radiation therapy for a previous bout of breast cancer in 2012. The 2016 cancer was called angiosarcoma. Treatment for this angiosarcoma was drastic surgery to cut the cancer out of my right breast. Luckily, I would not need chemo or more radiation. One of the ways I endured the stress and the strain of the cancer was to use Facebook to communicate my fears, my progress and my triumphs with my Facebook friends. Using Facebook to deal psychologically with my cancer was mostly a positive experience. For instance, whenever I had a scan or a treatment coming up, I shared that information with my Facebook friends. They provided great support and helped me get through the tortuous waiting periods that come with anticipating test results. It is important to note that two of my Facebook friends were cancer survivors. They helped me to keep the faith that survival was possible. In a nutshell, getting 93 “likes” for

Source: Using Social Media to Deal with Personal Tragedy | World of Psychology


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