BiFrost Coin Listed On The GIN Platform!

BiFrost Coin (FROST)

BIFROST COIN (FROST) is pleased to announce that we have been added to the GIN Platform effective immediately!

We thank GIN for the opportunity to form a partnership to make obtaining Masternodes extremely simple.   One click and you are done!

Your new BIFROST Masternode is one click away.  Investing in our Masternodes was never easier.

The GIN Platform provides cryptocurrecy investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own masternode(s) – regardless of their technical abilities.

  1. What is the GIN Platform?

    The GIN Platform is a web application that allows you to create cold wallet masternodes for masternode coins, without having to deal with servers, terminals or Linux. This lowers the entry barrier to the masternodes market for non-technical people.

  2. How does it work?

    The platform automatically creates and configures the masternode server for you in the background. At certain points you are asked for input that…

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