BiFrost (FROST) Announces Plans To Enter The Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Industry”

BiFrost Coin (FROST)

The founders of BiFrost have known that if we wanted to build a new currency that grew to take on a  life of its own,  it must have a purpose.

Over the last several months,  hundreds of coins have been launched only to make the same promises.

“Fast, Inexpensive, and anonymous transactions!”

Since all masternode coins fork from DASH in some way, we all make those same promises.

We need something more!

Many investors know, based on experience, that most coins will go nowhere. Sure, you can make some money by investing in them.  However, it requires timing to buy early and cash out quickly. Then watch to see if the coin actually innovates in a productive fashion.

99% Do not!

They quickly fade away and become just another entry on the MNO list. Returning a passable ROI, in coins, but not enough money to cover the cost of running…

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