When you’re responsible for helping a Health Care Service build a business that provides both the prescriber and patient with quality pharmaceutical consultation as well as detailed follow-through programs to ensure compliance, you need to be a jack of all trades and master of business operations.

I offer twenty five years of productive experience in managed care and clinical sales within the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Specialty/Infusion Pharmacy industries.

By carefully building relationships with Managed Care Organizations working to negotiate contracts to secure “in network” status to identify and maximize business opportunities within the payer market segment, I built collaborative initiatives that ignite blended business strategy and productivity without impeding the cost or timeline of deliverables

For over 28 years, I have been developing the skills and expertise to help companies grow by carefully integrating the right business flow and establishing the most profitable partnerships and relationships. I drive global growth strategies by demonstrating ability to evaluate business performance, adapt to market requirement and changes, lead global and cross functional business initiatives that streamline challenges and deliver improved financial results.

Contact me (682) 593-3430  | email steven.krohn@att.net



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