Ethereum Price Predictions 2018: Cryptocurrency’s value could triple (How high can the price of Ethereum go in 2018?)

Ethereum co-creator Steven Nerayoff says the cryptocurrency’s value could triple in 2018. Ethereum co-creator Steven Nerayoff said businesses in a wide variety of industries are starting to take note of what value ethereum’s protocol could offer them. Nerayoff attributes increased usage to ethereum’s ability to process transactions more quickly and cheaply than its rival. Nerayoff said increasing interest in cryptocurrency will stimulate value for ethereum in 2018, regardless of whether it overtakes bitcoin.

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The NEXT Evolution of Cryptocurrency From Kred | Krohn Media

Cryptocurrency goes through waves of innovation, followed by copycats jumping onto the digital bandwagon. New takes on cryptocurrency are few and far between. Enter Kred.

Innovation favors the prepared. Ƙred is taking cryptocurrency to a whole new level by personalizing and gamifing their Coins.

“Personalized Crypto for making Connections” — Crypto.Ƙred’s homepage


Many blockchain startups often begin with a coin functionality as the basis of their offering, then add on a functional premise to create value for the coin. This often leads to Coins failing or never taking off, as projects may lose steam when a Coin has no proven utility or function behind it.

With the Ƙred community influence and their powerful engagement via their members, Ƙred is a proven utility with over 6 years to back it up.

They know what works and have created a new cryptocurrency called Crypto.Ƙred (CƘr) that will dramatically expand cryptocurrency awareness to a wider and more tangible buying market.

As the saying goes “The more you give, the more you will receive”, Ƙred Coins are built on the concept of giving, sharing, and connecting with others. It’s truly amazing and different.

One of the most innovative features with Ƙred Coins, is that you can personalize and “stand out” by creating your very own Coins with unique images, animated GIFs or even Videos (up to 500 identical Coins in a batch).

That means you can have your very own CƘr Coin sent to your friends, or customers with specific text, colors, and your media of choice on it.



Once your newly minted Kred Coin is sent to a new user, it’s tracked through Ƙred’s unique social “Circulation” trail. This allows those who possess a specific Coin to comment, and connect with you (as the issuer) and every user the Coin is exchanged with.

The unique gamifying function allows users to create strong social connections with those who received the Coin.

Each Kred Coin includes the name of the coin batch (such as “Digital Marketing Award”), a color, media on the front and back, the original Coin issuer’s name AND a link back to their .Ƙred profile. Think of all the ways you can use this.

The Coins also show how many times it’s been shared between unique coin holders.

These connections allow people to talk to each other, share comments, and increase the social capital of that Coins, not to be confused with monetary value.

Ƙred Coins can be sent to anyone using a .Ƙred domain, mobile number or email address — You’re not limited to sending Coins to someone’s wallet address. This opens up the market at least 10 fold.



Sending a Coin via SMS delivers a link where the recipient can sign up or log in to instantly accept it


Send Coins to phone numbers, email addresses or directly to another user’s .Kred profile

The more you share, the more you can connect with others, and grow your network of like-minded people (or potential customers).

Build up your Tribe with Cryptocurrency Coins from Kred

Ƙred Coins were created to be noticed, appreciated, shared and collected. Crypto.Ƙred gamifies and personalizes reciprocity while making strong targeted connections in a virtual landscape.

People are gifted items within the Ƙred Community with social actions, resulting in others responding in the same manner. This will “gamify” the networking process by making it inclusive and fun.

With Ƙred Coins, you have the unique ability to develop a coin that can become a special edition, a Sport coin to commemorate an event or even just a thank you to your friends. It’s up to you!

I’ve thought about how I could use these Coins to help promote my business supporting ICOs for their digital marketing and PR efforts.I started out by creating an ”ICO Launched!” Coin which I’ll distribute to my clients to commemorate their launch day.

The idea is that their friends in the crypto space see the Coins and associate Krohn Media with ICO Digital Marketing.

 Once I had my images, setting up this Coin took around 2 minutes


The act of buying or “gifting” virtual goods is not new. Ever since the beginning of this century, there has been a growing market for virtual goods, including virtual art that has sold for $1 Million dollars and virtual “cryptokitties” that pull in large sums.

Merging virtual digital goods with a cryptocurrency, as Ƙred has done, is fresh, innovative and the next step in the evolution of Crypto.

You can purchase Coins for what they call the “Market Price” via the Marketplace (buy it now or auction), by trading or earning Coins and by picking up special edition Coins — Try to create or get hold of Coins that you think others might pay more for

As a trader and advisor to many ICOs myself, I know the first thing other traders will ask is how they can profit. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  1. You can purchase Coins for what they call the “Market Price” via the Marketplace (buy it now or auction), by trading or earning Coins and by picking up special edition Coins — Try to create or get hold of Coins that you think others might pay more for.
  2. Collectible Coins can be redeemed for CƘr via 2 methods:

a) Sale or auction in Crypto.Ƙred Marketplace – Other users can buy your Coins from you for CƘr based on a listed sale price or the current price in a Dutch Auction.

b) Surrender your Coins back to Crypto.Ƙred to extract the CƘr – If you have a Coin you want to cash in quick or that just won’t sell, Crypto.Ƙred has a Surrender feature where you can sell the Coin back to them in exchange for it’s minted value in CƘr minus a 10% fee.

3.There IS a way to sell CƘr on an exchange

a) Use the Export feature to send your CƘr to an Ethereum compatible wallet

b) Find an exchange that accepts CƘr (Note that I haven’t found one yet as of writing but they are still in their pre-release “Early Access” period — I expect to see CƘr on exchanges soon)

c) Cash in for approx $1USD per CƘr — CƘr are not likely to jump too much in value on external markets because Crypto.Ƙred are making them continuously available for $1USD each (for now).

The “Market Price” of each Coin is based on two key factors

  1. The Coin’s “social value”, including who created the Coin, its likes, comments, circulation trail and connections made. The more people who engage with that Coin, the better the market value.
  2. The “media value” stems from what is used on the front and back of the Coin, as well as the Coin name.

Currently, Ƙred Coins can be minted and “dressed up” between 0.01 CƘr and 100CƘr. To put that into perspective, with 1 CƘr valued at $1 USD, you can effectively create a crypto collectible for a penny.

CƘr can be bought using USD, BTC, DOGE or ETH within the platform. CƘr is based on the ERC20 protocol and are compatible with both the Stellar and Ethereum Blockchains.

A very smart feature from the Crypto.Ƙred platform is the creation of a deep API that is designed to make it easy for developers and partners to build apps that push Ƙred Coins to places not imagined yet.

There are currently a number of applications that have been built that are forward thinking by themselves, let alone with the power of Ƙred Coins behind it.

With virtual good consumption on the rise, sharing and engaging is abundant in our society, Ƙred Coins fill a void that exists, while bridging the gap between Crypto markets and social sharing.

This is all backed by years of proven community engagement which demonstrates that sharing and connecting is the key to building a strong network.

Gratitude and reciprocity, with the power of blockchain, is the new standard of cryptocurrency.

A big “thank you” goes out to Crypto.Kred

Full disclosure.. I’ve used Kred and Empire.Kred for years and am trying to get a jump on this platform .

*Please buy some of my Coins by searching the Marketplace for StevenKrohn.Kred


How To Promote An ICO On Reddit

“I think there will always be need of trusted voices in the investment community, but what the ICO markets are showing is that the world has incredible demand for future-looking projects!” –  Adam Draper

These days ICOs are all the rage. Despite tougher regulations from the SEC and greater disclosure requirements, many business organizations continue to hold their own ICOs.

Most of them do it to launch their specific brand of crypto tokens that can be used and traded over the company’s blockchain platform.

Reports from the crypto world show that more than $4 billion has been raised through ICOs held in the first three months of 2018 alone. We believe that this is only the beginning of a trend as more and more businesses continue to raise their own digital tokens.

Digital Tokens Are Here To Stay

Blockchain based crypto tokens make life easier for everyone. These tokens can be traded over an openly accessible P2P network. The only thing you need to get a token is an internet connection and an e-wallet assigned to a specific IP address.

Holders of a token can trade it to anyone around the world in a matter of minutes. It is very secure and cannot be stolen as long as you follow basic guidelines on keeping your tokens secure.

The blockchain also makes it possible to keep a complete record of transactions that have ever taken place on a network.

It’s no surprise that the blockchain platform is considered the most complete and accurate record of digital transactions that we can create, given our current technology level.

Alt Coins and How To Promote An ICO on Reddit

Just as Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency created on the blockchain protocol, Reddit is undeniably the most popular messaging board on the planet.

Fashionably called the “front page of internet”, the Reddit website is used by hundreds of millions of users from around the world every day.

It thus becomes crucial to know how to promote an ICO on Reddit.

With a very active community of posters, it is the perfect messaging board to spread word about new ideas and businesses. The site is subdivided into more than a hundred thousand message boards called subreddits.

One of the most popular subreddits on the website is “altcoin discussions”.

It is a messaging boarding dedicated to cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. It is also the perfect place to announce new crypto coins through the announcement thread.

The announcement thread allows new ICOs to introduce their tokens to the world. A good announcement thread includes an easy to understand summary of the token, its purpose as well as the support network that is backing the coin.

Your token’s summary should also include details about the maximum coin limit and an introduction to the development team behind the idea.

If any of the developers have had any previous experience with cryptocurrencies, it should be noted and advertised.

This is an important factor as a new token with an experienced team of developers behind it is likely to do well in generating investor interest.  All of this becomes relevant to promote an ICO on Reddit.

Creating a Subreddit for Your Token

In order to have a successful sale it is very important to promote the token well in advance of the ICO.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to promote your ICO on Reddit is to create a messaging board based on your token.

The messaging board works as a company prospectus and allows the developers and backers to communicate all relevant news regarding the token to future investors.

An active messaging board with regular updates on coin development will help build investor confidence and support for the coin.

Some of the users may also spread the word around to other alt coin communities. Reddit uses a voting-based algorithm for advertising and topics with many upvotes tend to get displayed higher on search results for users.

All of this becomes crucial to promote an ICO on Reddit.

Engage with Your Reddit Audience

One way to attract potential investors to your token is to invite questions from your audience. Your token’s progress and development reports may keep your supporters on board.

However, what really turns fringe supporters into core believers is when they are actually engaged with your development team.

Encourage your supporters to find out more about your project by asking question about the token. Make sure that you answer these questions in a timely manner. This will show the supporters how serious you are about your project.

Take user feedback and suggestions about your token into consideration. The crypto community on Reddit is quite knowledgeable and many of them can offer great advice about how to improve your token.

Criticisms should be taken with a positive attitude. If people are going to invest their hard-earned money into your token, your business needs to show them what makes your project unique and better than others.

It is advised that you do so without getting angry about skepticism.

Keep all of this in mind when you promote an ICO on Reddit.

Buying Upvotes and Advertising

Reddit, much like any other social media platform, is a business. The company allows purchasing upvotes for your subreddit.

It also allows positive responses to be displayer higher than negative comments for your token. Some companies have also claimed that they buy moderators who can swing the position of negative and positive posts.

While we don’t advise going this route, the option is certainly available if you are really keen to promote an ICO on Reddit.

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Powerpoint template to report metrics, KPIs, and project development status. | Justin Byrth

Do you need an elegant way to report project metrics, KPIs, and the state of a project? Now you can download this complete Powerpoint template — also available in Apple Keynote — to share weekly, monthly, quarterly reports across your organization. Download this deck by following the instructions below:

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LibertyLance Demo Platform is now LIVE! Check out our “Walk Through” Video|LibertyLance


Our demo platform is finally LIVE! We would appreciate your feedback in order to further refine our system. Private sale is going to start from 20th of March

*** TO ACCESS our Demo Platform & VIDEO

LibertyLance is a self-regulating and decentralized gig-based marketplace designed for freelancers and clients to transact in the quickest and most transparent fashion through smart contracts.

It is a revolutionary freelancing platform that uses the power of blockchain technology solving many underlying issues present in the traditional marketplaces

#LibertyLance #Gig #Freelancing #Marketplace

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Introducing LibertyLance – Where Freelancing Meets Blockchain

LibertyLance is a self-regulating and decentralized Gig-Based Marketplace designed for freelancers and clients to transact in the quickest and most transparent fashion through smart contracts.

It is a revolutionary freelancing platform that uses the power of Blockchain technology solving many underlying issues present in the traditional marketplaces.

They will be conducting an ICO in order to execute the system that is proposed in their White-Paper available Here.  

Blockchain competitors are based upon freelancing platforms where clients post a job proposal and freelancers bid on these projects.

On the other hand, LibertyLance is going to be the first Gig Based Marketplace facilitating both clients and freelancers through smart contracts.

Learn more about LibertyLance and their upcoming ICO at: 

The Private Sale is going to start on the 20th of March at a base price of 10,000 LTN tokens per ETH with a bonus of 35%.  The tokens allocated for this round are going to be 2,000,000 (4%)

 To participate in the Private Sale, you can register at LibertyLance Registration

*Whitelisting will start on 7th of March.

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Cryptocurrency Markets – The New Frontier Of The Financial World

Bitcoin had a 1500% growth in price for 2017. Traders, entrepreneurs, and investors are suddenly taking notice of the cryptocurrency markets. Newcomers can easily get lost in this market unfortunately

Crypto is a new asset class that may generously reward those that are brave enough to delve into it. If you need help in understanding the evolving crypto market, then you are in the right place as that’s what we are going to review here.

Growing Cryptocurrency Markets

The first known decentralized cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, founded in 2009. The coin has continued to grow ever since. Bitcoin did suffer multiple setbacks before reaching today’s price. There are a plethora of other coins that have joined the cryptocurrency markets since Bitcoin.

It’s safe to say that the coin market is the fastest growing asset class. Real estate, stock and bond markets are all constrained by national and geographical borders. Cryptocurrency, by comparison, is a worldwide market.

The market has a total capitalization of “billions” of dollars. Even in third world countries, respective stock markets are capped in the trillions. Considering these variables, it becomes very likely that cryptocurrency will continue to grow.


One crucial factor to understand is that cryptocurrency markets are largely de-regulated. Many consider this to be a great thing because it allows investing in an asset class with very few requirements. There are some exchanges that allow you to invest without requiring you to go through a “Know Your Customer” or KYC protocol.

Conversely, because of that de-regulated nature, there is no SEC (or regulatory body) to keep your money secure. Keeping funds safe becomes the responsibility of the investor.

Bitcoin Dominance

Bitcoin is considered to be “Top of The Class”. That said, Bitcoin has a huge influence on the overall market behavior. This generally means that if Bitcoin goes up, you can expect other currencies to go up as well.  This also means that if Bitcoin prices go down, it becomes very difficult for other coins to appreciate in price.


If you come from the world of stock trading, be prepared for large volatility swings. It’s also very important to realize that “volatility” is subjective. In the stock markets, most participants consider a drop of 10% in a day is “very volatile.”

In the cryptocurrency markets, a 10% drop in a day is considered “normal.” Most importantly, volatility is both good and bad. It’s common for major news outlets to describe the crypto market as volatile and too risky.

Without volatility, you can’t make money. Volatility makes the price move. In fact, it’s not uncommon for some smaller capped coins to double in price in just a matter of days. As for the downside, you can lose all of your money when not prepared.

Volatility is not bad or good. It’s all about your personal risk tolerance. The cryptocurrency markets can offer you an asset class that is outperforming anything that exists. The price you will pay for that is significantly higher volatility.

Crypto Technology

The technology that is behind Bitcoin is known as “Blockchain Technology.” Most of the coins in the crypto market are using blockchain technology, but there are now various types of technologies involved with coins.

IOTA makes use of a “Tangle.” Other coins make use of hybrid and new generation blockchain technologies such as RaiBlocks and Hashgraph We certainly cannot forget to mention the “Smart Contract” of Ethereum and Neo.

Crypto is not just based on blockchain technology anymore. It’s become an ecosystem that nurtures the birth of a myriad of technological advances.

It’s Not All About Currency

Since Bitcoin is the most visible, most people assume that the markets are all about competing currencies. Yes and no. While some try to offer their coin as a better alternative to Bitcoin, others do not.

Blockchain technology also has other uses aside from currency. Anything that needs decentralized record keeping can make use of the technology.

Patientory is a coin that focuses on building a decentralized medical records database. Ripio Credit Network is trying to build a decentralized credit history for third-world countries.

ICO Tokens are yet another type of asset in the market. They are similar to a stock of a company, but with an additional utility. This totally depends on the issuing company.

Some would consider the cryptocurrency markets as the Wild, Wild West. It’s a new frontier and often labeled “dangerous.” While a coin carries a higher risk compared to the stock market, it has the potential to deliver significantly higher returns.

If you wait for everything to be perfectly safe before you invest, plan on paying a higher price for your coins. If you are offered outrageous returns with no risk, you are probably dealing with scammers committing fraud.

High risk equals high reward on most occasions. That is exactly what cryptocurrency markets currently offers you.

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