Sales 101: An Account-Based Marketing Primer

It’s long been conventional wisdom that trying to reach a wide audience is usually beneficial in business, but far too many companies spend needless resources chasing leads that aren’t likely to pay off in the long run. As an alternative strategy, many B2B-focused companies have discovered that account-based marketing has the potential to revolutionize their sales.

Source: Sales 101: An Account-Based Marketing Primer | The Huffington Post

Preparing Your Social Media Strategy for 2017 | Social Race Media

Its never too early to start working on your social media strategy for next year (or next week or next month). Recently Buffer released their annual State of Social Media 2016 report after surveying over 1200 marketers who mainly work with small to medium-sized businesses. To be honest none of the results surprised me they pretty much validated what I have been seeing over this past year not only with my own clients but throughout the industry. Social media has become a major component in any

Source: Preparing Your Social Media Strategy for 2017 | Social Race Media