“Blink Once For Yes, Twice For No…The Finale…”

This Is My New Normal

When my physical therapist let go of my foot, I was able to hold my foot up. He massaged my leg and then asked me to raise up my leg…and I was able to do it! I was ecstatic! Finally, I was getting movement! I asked him if I could try standing up and at that point, he decided that he had to have a heart to heart talk with me about how I would need to learn how to walk again and how much of an uphill battle I was still facing, and told me that I needed to take things slow. I laughed at him and said “You don’t know me very well! When I put my mind to something, I won’t stop until I’ve accomplished it! I WILL be walking out of this hospital THIS week! Just watch!” Since I was able to now lift my legs…

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