Banks are still overcharging Coinbase users for cryptocurrency purchases

Coinbase customers are going through an especially rough patch. Days after the popular exchange desk admitted its users are being erroneously charged for the same purchase multiple times, complaints that the issue is still occurring continue to roll in on Reddit

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How to Use Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange to Buy Altcoins (Ripple, Cardano, Power Ledger etc)

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange it is known for its low trading fees 0.1% (if you have BNB, you can choose BNB to deduct a 50% trading fee temporarily) as well as its fast transaction…

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Cryptocurrency: A long-term process

As the image of Quasi-anarchic system has been portrayed in our textbooks that the system is here to demise our traditional economy, the truth is opposite. It is here serve people which are leading towards innovation and growth of our financial operations. Bitcoin concept is not all about investing for short-term and enjoy benefits. Rather it is a long-term process and we need to change our mindset to gather its complete welfare.

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Kraken CEO: Cryptocurrency market to hit $1 trillion valuation in 2018

Jesse Powell, the founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken, has stated that the entire cryptocurrency market will reach a $1 trillion valuation this year. The remarks may be surprising to those who watched bitcoin’s price plummet in January, but many inside the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including the Winklevoss brothers, have remained bullish on the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

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