Things To Monitor To Ensure Optimum Page Response Time

Page response time is a crucial part of running an online business successfully.

It’s not enough to simply have a great website or excellent products. If your page does not respond quickly and efficiently, you will lose customers. User experience is a critical thing to consider when it comes to your site.

However, you may not know what it is you should be monitoring on your website to make sure that page response time is up to snuff.

If that’s the case for you, check out these nine things you need to be monitoring in order to ensure optimum response time on your website.

The page response time of your website can make or break your business. Check out what you should be monitoring on your site before it’s too late.

Source: Things To Monitor To Ensure Optimum Page Response Time

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Speed and performance of Web dev, SEO, and marketing agencies websites


Ever since Google announced that page speed would be a ranking factor in its mobile-first index in 2018, the need for speed became one of the most important aspects of web dev trait. A lot of businesses jumped onto the speed train. 

Sure enough, one year later, Google reported that sites are faster, and abandonment rates are down since making page speed a ranking factor.

With performance being one of the top-selling points of a modern-day web dev architecture Jamstack that we are so into, it was only natural to take a deep dive into the industries that tackle website performance and see how we stand against our peers.

Source: Speed and performance of Web dev, SEO, and marketing agencies websites

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The two most common website security vulnerabilities we see all the time | Krohn Media

Website Vulnerabilities

It’s a rare occurrence when we see a website have their security headers set with no JavaScript library vulnerabilities.

Since we’ve been beta-testing our website auditor, we’ve reviewed enough sites to have a good handle on the common security vulnerabilities that plagues the web.  There are two main topical issues that are almost a certainty for new audits, even though they’re easy fixes.

Very rarely do site administrators properly configure, or configure at all, their HTTP security headers.  These are instructions sent by the website to the visitor’s browser telling it what it can and can’t do by enforcing restrictions, making connections tighter and secure, thereby narrowing the attack surface.

Security headers are very easy to configure and low hanging fruit for improving security posture.  The Open Web Application Security Project sets guidelines for best security practice that every website should adopt, including security headers policy.

Source: The two most common website security vulnerabilities we see all the time

What to Look for When Hiring a Local SEO Agency

Local SEO

There are a lot of different concerns a small business owner needs to stay on top of to ensure their enterprise is a success. In this modern era, one of those elements is their ability to get word of their business out to potential customers on the internet. 

Optimizing your web presence for the benefit of search engine optimization is an important task all businesses must take in today’s world. The better your search results, the more business you can generate.

If you’re not a web expert, you might consider hiring a local SEO agency to help you with this kind of task. What do you need to keep an eye out for when hiring for SEO services? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Hiring a Local SEO Agency

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